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Helping You Through the Social Security Disability Process

If you are unable to work for 12 months or more because of an injury or illness, you can apply for Social Security disability benefits. These benefits include Social Security disability insurance (often referred to as SSD or SSDI) for injured workers and Supplement Security Income (SSI) for those who have not worked enough to qualify for SSDI.

At the Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., in Council Bluffs, Iowa, we help people who are injured or ill to obtain their Social Security disability benefits. In some situations, people who are eligible for workers' compensation benefits are also eligible to receive SSD benefits.

You can rely on us to help you with the initial application for benefits. Have your benefits been denied? Don't give up. Let us assist you in appealing the decision.

The majority of Social Security disability claims are initially denied. Our attorneys can help you apply for reconsideration of this first decision. Usually, you will need to submit more medical information regarding your illness or injury. This can lead to a second denial of benefits. After this second denial, we can request a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). Many claims are eventually approved through the ALJ hearing.

Medicare Set-Aside Trusts

If you will be receiving Medicare, a portion of the Social Security Disability benefits will be allocated to Medicare. Our attorneys can help you obtain structured settlement annuities in a manner which ensures Medicare interests are protected. Additionally, we advise clients on questions about Social Security offsets. For help with SSD issues, please contact a lawyer at Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., today.