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Are You Having Difficulty Obtaining Proper Medical Care?

Workers' compensation law requires employers to pay the medical expenses of workers who have been injured on the job. Yet, with the high cost of medical care, it is no wonder that employers and their workers' compensation insurance providers seek to minimize their costs by denying appropriate tests and procedures to injured workers.

Are you having trouble receiving the medical care you need after an on-the-job injury? Have your requests to see a specialist, have a surgery or a diagnostic test been denied?

Please contact workers' compensation attorney Laura Patterman at Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She has helped injured workers receive the medical benefits they are entitled to since 1974.

Our firm will see that you are evaluated by an independent doctor who can perform proper diagnostic testing or a functional capacity evaluation. We are frequently successful in helping our clients obtain the medical care they need to heal and be able to return to work.

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Have your workers' compensation benefits been terminated? Is your employer trying to force you to come back to work before you are physically able to do so? Please contact a lawyer at Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C. Our knowledge of Iowa and Nebraska workers' compensation laws allows us to hold employers and their insurance companies responsible for their legal obligation to injured workers.

We represent workers' compensation clients on a contingency basis. That means you pay nothing up front and no attorney's fees at all unless we help you obtain benefits in your workers' comp case.