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October 2016 Archives

OSHA (again) delays important enforcement mechanism

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the federal agency most urgently tasked with helping to ensure the safety of the American workforce. Unfortunately, none of OSHA's efforts are able to benefit workers unless employers either comply with the agency's regulations willingly or are compelled to comply due to strong enforcement mechanisms.

How to prevent the five most common cold weather injuries

Just because the warm weather is behind us doesn't mean the work outside stops. Without the proper precautions, cold weather injuries are just as likely to occur as warm weather injuries. The temperature does not need to be below freezing to put you at risk for a cold weather injury. Some injuries considered 'cold weather' could occur at temperatures as warm as 60 degrees.

Toxic exposure: 5 land in hospital after asbestos abatement job

Whenever workers in Iowa and other states are exposed to hazardous substances, employers must ensure they equip them with the appropriate personal protective equipment. A company in a neighboring state may have to pay more than $240,000 for safety violations related to toxic exposure. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently released its findings in an investigation that followed an April incident.

Fatal workplace injuries suffered in accident on Iowa farm

Farm workers in Iowa are typically exposed to a whole lot of dangerous situations in the course of their day-to-day activities. As in any other industry, basic safety precautions must be taken to prevent workplace injuries. Sadly, lives are sometimes lost in workplace accidents on farms, and in many cases, the fatalities could have been prevented by compliance with safety regulations.

Common work hazards in office environments

It's not just people who work with machinery and tools that can get injured in the workplace. Even those who work in office environments can be unaware of the dangers around them. Although the most common accidents in the office include slips and trips, there are several other types of common injuries that are less obvious but just as dangerous.

Injuries in meat and poultry industry should always be reported

Over the years, the high rate of injuries and illnesses in the meat and poultry industry has been well publicized, but federal regulators say the numbers most likely still do not tell the whole story.

Workplace injuries: Heat jeopardizes health of Iowa mail carriers

The health and safety of Iowa workers in different fields of employment are at risk during the summer months. Although workplace injuries are prevalent throughout the year, exposure to excessive heat can cause severe illness. Heat exhaustion can even be fatal. One group of workers that are particularly vulnerable is mail carriers of the U.S. Postal Service.

Witnessing workplace accidents can cause psychological injuries

Whenever workplace accidents cause death or traumatic injuries -- in Iowa and elsewhere -- the immediate focus is typically on the victims, and rightly so. However, a worker who witnesses a colleague's death or traumatic injury can suffer psychological injuries. Similarly, those who help injured victims or clean up the accident scene can suffer what is called critical incident stress.

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