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November 2016 Archives

Are an arm and a leg really worth 'an arm and a leg?'

When considering how much something costs, we might say an expensive item is worth an arm and a leg. When it comes to workers' compensation, insurance companies and lawmakers actually work to determine the cost of an arm and a leg.

Concussion on the job leads to man being fired

Workplace injuries can have a wide variety of effects on your life. You may be hurt and wind up missing a few days while you recover. More severe injuries may demand a trip to the hospital, surgery and rehabilitative therapy, requiring months off work before you are finally well enough to return.

How can I prevent work-related toxic exposure?

Most Council Bluffs workplaces do not have any problems related to toxins or chemicals, and their employees do not have to work in fear of being exposed to such chemicals. However, there are other workers -- especially those working in certain factories, industrial facilities, farming operations and construction sites -- who have to take special care not to suffer injuries related to toxic chemical exposure.

Advice for preventing office injuries

Offices are generally some of the safest working environments for Iowa workers, but these seemingly harmless locations are not without their dangers. In fact, office-related injury claims are exceedingly common and represent a massive expense for our state's workers' compensation program. Let's take a look at some excellent ways workers and their employers can stay safe and do their part to prevent office injuries from happening:

How to file a Workers' Comp claim

If you have been injured while on the job or while performing work-related activities, it probably will not be long before you start considering how your injury is going to affect your future. Before you begin working on a workers' compensation claim, it is important to know how it should be done. Filing the claim properly the first time will ensure that the process will go as quickly as possible.

How long does the workers' compensation process take?

When workers get injured on the job, one of the first matters they begin to worry about is money. Certainly, the most important aspect of post-injury life is regaining one's health. However, it is understandably difficult to focus on getting healthy again when money is tighter than usual and medical bills are piling up.

Fire at ethanol plant injures Iowa truck driver

Renewable Energy, LLC, also known as SIRE, announced a dangerous ethanol fire at one of its facilities earlier this month. Fortunately, soon after the fire erupted, the company was able to get it under control. Although no SIRE employees were injured in the incident, a truck driver did suffer injuries.

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