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4 things women can do to avoid injuries at work

Even though women have a much lower risk of job-related deaths, they can still be badly hurt on the job if exposed to hazards. There are ways to protect yourself at work. Try these helpful tips to stay safer on the job.

1. Know the hazards in your workplace

Every workplace has its own hazards. For example, a movie theater might have slick floors from butter or oils on the popcorn, hospitals have biochemical hazards and factories have large machines that put workers at risk of injury. Know how to recognize the hazards in your workplace, so you can get more education on how to deal with them.

2. Get the right training

The right training matters. With the right training, you can work with machinery or tools that might otherwise injure you. Just as you wouldn't expect to draw blood from a patient without training, you shouldn't expect to work with heavy machinery without training. Also learn how to handle safety emergencies, so you know what to do if you or someone else you're working with gets hurt on the job. You should know where the first-aid kit is and know whom to contact after an accident occurs.

3. Stand up against workplace violence

Any time you work with others, whether they're coworkers or clients, you're exposed to a risk of violence. There are many kinds of violence including physical assaults, muggings and threats.

Here's an example: A nurse who works with patients could suffer an attack from a disoriented patient or someone coming into the hospital for help. Knowing the steps to handle a violent or disoriented patient, including the codes and procedures to eliminate the hazard, is vital for these individuals.

How can you prevent these incidents? You may not be able to, but you can be prepared. Report anyone who acts oddly or aggressively in the workplace as soon as possible. Have a plan of action for what to do if a nurse, doctor or other worker is attacked.

4. Report incidents when they occur

It's most important to report injuries and accidents each and every time they take place. You have a right to contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) if you feel that there is a hazard in your workplace that your employer is not willing to correct. You can also refuse to work if there is a hazard that your employer refuses to correct and your employer will not give you alternative, safer work. Your attorney can help if you find yourself in this situation.

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