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Long and Short Term Effects of Workplace Electrocution

Workers in Iowa may face the possible danger of electrocution, regardless of whether or not their primary job involves electronics or high sources of electrical energy. A single electrical outlet can deliver enough volts to severely harm or even kill a human, so the dangers of workplace electrocution apply to anyone who works in a building with a source of electricity.

Medline Plus delivers detailed information regarding the immediate injuries that a person can sustain when coming into direct contact with electricity. This can include severe issues like cardiac arrest, unconsciousness, or lung failure. Other side effects can include the sensation of numbness or tingling, such as pins and needles over the body. Muscular spasms or weakness may also occur, and the victim may even have a seizure. Broken bones and damage done to soft tissues is also common.

However, sufferers of electrocution have long-term effects to worry about as well. The National Institutes of Health states that these issues may be delayed and can occur anywhere from one to five years after the initial injury. They can include chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, issues with coordination and balance, and muscular discomfort or pain that will not relent. Long-lasting nerve damage can also occur, which may permanently alter the victim's ability to experience sensations.

Electricity can really do a body harm, even in non-lethal amounts. Victims who suffer from electrical accidents should monitor themselves even years after the initial incident occurred, just to ensure that their health continues to improve and no sudden symptoms or issues arise belatedly.