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Temporary Disability Benefits in Iowa

No matter what your line of work or what industry you are in, a job-related accident can happen at any time in Iowa. When you are hurt on the job, you should be able to trust that you will be able to receive appropriate help. One type of help available to you may well be workers' compensation benefits.

Iowa Workforce Development explains you may be eligible for workers' compensation even if your injury is expected to heal. These are called temporary disability benefits. You may also be eligible for what are referred to healing period benefits which means you may receive assistance during the time in which you are healing until you can resume some form of work and your injury is not able to improve further.

While there are no waiting days for healing period benefits, there is a three-day wait period for temporary benefits. This is true for injuries that are partial or total in nature. For both cases, if your disability extends beyond 14 days, however, the first three days will then be covered. If you can work in a limited capacity with a partial disability, your benefits will be based on the difference you earn in that role versus what you earned before your injury occurred.

If you would like to learn more about the types of benefits available to you if you have experienced a temporary disability from a workplace incident, please feel free to visit the temporary disability benefits page of our Iowa workers' compensation website.