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The Dangers of Working Around Ladders

If you work in an Iowa field where you regularly rely on the use of ladders, you may have at least a general idea of the types of dangers they can present. If you work in construction, logging or any number of other industries where ladders are common, you face unique job-related risks and dangers that have the potential to cause you to suffer serious injury, or even death. At the Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., we have a firm understanding of the types of injuries that often arise from ladder falls, and we have helped many workers who suffered injury on the job seek appropriate recourse.

Just how dangerous are ladders to the American workforce and public? According to EHS Today, falls are one of the most substantial causes of significant injuries and fatalities affecting the public today, and more than 40 percent of all falls are related to ladder use. Furthermore, more than 80 percent of all fall injuries requiring emergency room visits also result from ladder falls.

You risk of suffering a serious work-related injury due to a ladder falls increases if you have certain risk factors present. For example, ladder injury rates, overall, tend to increase with age, and you are also more likely to suffer a fall-related injury if you are male and Hispanic. If you work for yourself, as opposed to a larger employer, this, too, makes you more likely to take a fall off a ladder, as does working in the construction or mining industries.

What types of injuries commonly arise from ladder falls? Many ladder falls that do not require a trip to the emergency room involve injuries to the upper and lower extremities. In nearly half of all fatal ladder fall incidents, head injuries play a significant role. More about work injuries is available on our web page.