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The Power to Make the Meatpacking Industry a Safer Place

You might know that agriculture and meat processing are among the most important industries to the Iowa and Nebraska economies. You may also be aware that jobs in these fields are sometimes dangerous. Here at the Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., we often serve on the front lines of litigation involving these occupational injuries and illnesses. Here are some of the insights we have gained as safety advocates.

Your employer is responsible for keeping adequate safety levels in the facilities where you work. It is also likely your company or boss has practices and policies in place for personal safety training, guidelines, materials and equipment. However, you might be able to reduce your overall risk of injury by supplementing with some knowledge of your own. Try researching exercises that may reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries, for example.

As advocates of worker safety both in and out of the courtroom, we believe that you as a worker have the power to improve safety. Reviewing the MSDS safety sheets for chemicals present in your workplace is a good first step in many cases. You should be able to find this information readily available in a public place. You might be surprised to learn that common substances, such as ammonia or carbon dioxide, have the potential to be dangerous in certain situations. You might be overexposed via leaky refrigeration equipment. The freezing process is also a possible culprit for gas exposure.

In addition to chemicals and repetitive stress injuries, you may also be at risk for slips, falls, biological hazards and lacerations. Learning about these hazards ahead of time could help you prevent injuries to yourself and your team. Feel free to check our main webpage for more information about workplace safety, injuries on the job and workers' compensation.