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Types of Workplace Injuries

Your workplace in Iowa may be a dangerous place. Injuries are common in many industries that involve high-risk activities. However, they can also occur in even the most benign of jobs. At Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., we see a range of injuries caused at work. They can be anything from a small accident to a serious traumatic situation. Any time you are hurt at work, it is cause for concern and immediate attention, though, because they can all affect your ability to work normally. 

Work injuries can be something very minor, such as a paper cut. However, there are many more severe things that can occur. According to Safety and Health magazine, the most common work injuries include fractures, cuts, punctures, strains, sprains, inflammation and contusions. While some of these may seem minor, they can have a large impact on your ability to do your job. For example, inflammation in the wrist area, often due to carpal tunnel syndrome, can make it difficult to type or do other repetitive motions with the inflicted wrist and hand. More severe injuries could lead to you being off work for a while and involve a hospital stay or long-term care.

Workplace injuries can also be caused by a variety of different events. For example, carpal tunnel is caused by cumulative trauma, which means stress due to repetitive motions. You could also sustain a back injury in this way. Falls are another common cause of injuries, as are trips and slips. Accidents may also happen if you are struck by something, or run into it. Additional common causes include situations involving tools and material handling. To learn more, visit our page on workplace accidents.