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Who Is Not Covered by Workers' Compensation in Iowa?

If you work for an employer in Iowa, you likely expect to receive not just a paycheck for your work but to receive or be eligible for other benefits as well. One of these benefits may be the ability to receive workers' compensation benefits if you are hurt in a job-related incident. In most cases, you will be able to file a claim for workers' compensation but it is important to understand that some workers are not eligible for these benefits.

According to the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation, one of the groups of people who may not file for workers' compensation includes anyone who is a member in a limited liability company. Relatives, including spouses, of an employer may also be ineligible for these benefits. If you work in agriculture and your employer's cash payroll was less than $2,500 in the 12 months before your accident, you may also not be able to claim these benefits.

A person who worked in a domestic job and earned less than $1,500 in the year just before an injury may not be able to file a claim for worker' compensation. For corporations, up to four people may choose to opt out of workers' compensation coverage. These people include the treasurer, secretary, vice president and president. 

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is rather meant to give Iowa residents and employees an overview of who is and who is not eligible to request workers' compensation benefits after being injured in an accident while on the job.