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Toxic Fume Inhalation and the Damage It Causes

As Iowa workers know, all jobs come with risks. But the potential of breathing in toxic fumes is one that many people aren't prepared to face. While risks with fumes are a well-known danger in certain areas of work, toxic fumes can occur at any workplace and can be caused by anything from industrial chemicals to drain cleaner.

Due to the widespread nature of toxic fume exposure, it's beneficial to understand the symptoms and the long-term injuries that may be dealt with. states that certain symptoms appear immediately after inhaling a toxic substance. These symptoms are usually caused by the irritation of the lungs and throat, which leads to problems with swallowing and breathing. From these issues, illnesses like pneumonia may occur. The damages may also be fatal by themselves, not counting the toxicity of whatever was inhaled.

Meanwhile, the National Institutes of Health says that acute inhalation injury is often caused by breathing in toxic chemicals or fumes. With this injury, victims can expect a range of issues that will differ in severity based on their personal health in addition to the type and amount of the toxin inhaled. Irritation, coughing, shortness of breath and nausea are all common symptoms.

The short term damages of inhaling toxic fumes are very clear. Long term issues such as nerve damage or chronic lung ailments may even occur in some cases. For these reasons, any worker who suspects they have inhaled toxic fumes may wish to seek immediate medical attention, as this may lessen the damages done by the exposure.