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What Are Common Workplace Injuries?

Iowa workers of all sorts face different dangers while on the job. Whether you're working at a desk job or in the meat-packing industry, the Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., work to provide you with valuable information on workplace injuries.

The frequency and commonality of certain injuries are often a hot topic. Generally speaking, the most common of workplace injuries are the ones that can happen regardless of where you're working. For example, repetitive stress injuries are something that affects a huge number of workers. It doesn't matter what your job is; if you have to repeat the same motion many times in a day, you could suffer from this. It's most commonly attributed to workers who use their hands a lot. Writers or typists are included here, but this can also include beauticians, hair stylists, and so on.

Issues with respiration is another very common workplace injury. You don't need to be working in a place with lots of fumes or chemicals to damage your lungs. Many office environments built in earlier years use asbestos, which can cause breathing issues. It's also possible for chemical or gas leaks to occur in any location, even if you don't work with dangerous substances on a daily basis like some processing plants.

While you might face the potential of injuries specific to your workplace as well, you should keep an eye out for these extremely common issues regardless. If you want to learn more about injuries at the workplace and what you can do to lower your chances of running into them, please visit our website for further information.