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House Approved Amended Workers' Comp Bill

Iowans who have ever needed to receive workers' compensation benefits know just how valuable this form of assistance can be. When an accident at work leaves a person unable to go to work for some time, the financial strain can mount quickly especially when medical bills may also be amassed at the same time.

A recent blog post took a look at how the state legislature was reviewing proposed legislation that, if approved, would cut many benefits for injured or ill workers. Recently, that legislation has made its way through the House of Representatives but not in its entirely original form. One of the components to the bill targeted people 67 years of age or older. If any person in this age group received permanent disability benefits, those benefits would be completely cut off at the age of 67. Opponents of the measure were successful in getting this provision removed from the legislation and argued that it was unfair to older workers.

Two other components of the bill, however, remained in and were approved by the House. Those include cuts in benefits for any injury or illness that may relate in some way to a pre-existing condition and reduced benefits for injuries to a shoulder. The State Senate will vote next on the changes.

While the law is supposed to protect people, some of the time injured workers need more help. Talking with an attorney may shed light on options for compensation after a workplace injury, especially when laws are in flux.

Source: Insurance Journal, "Amended Iowa Workers' Comp Overhaul Advanced to Senate," Linley Sanders, March 24, 2017