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Iowa Seeks to Cut Workers' Compensation Benefits

Iowa residents who are employed should be able to trust that they will be properly provided for and compensated if they are ever injured in an on-the-job accident. This is precisely what the workers' compensation system was designed to do. The Iowa Workforce Development indicates that roughly 20,000 Iowans are injured on the job every year. In 2016, slightly more than 700 cases were decided by the state.

Two measures in the state legislature have been introduced that together seek to help employers save money in part by reducing benefits to people hurt in job-related incidents. If passed, the new laws would cut late fees paid by employers who do not pay their workers' compensation benefits on time and reduce or eliminate benefits paid to people if injuries are found to be related to any prior conditions. Also taking a hit would be workers 67 years of age or older as the efforts look to stop workers' compensation benefits at this age.

It may be hard to understand these efforts when premiums in Iowa reduced 4.7 percent last year. On top of that, the costs associated with a single workers' compensation case went down from 2013 to 2014 by more than $1,000.

After a job-related accident happens, Iowa workers might want to reach out to an attorney. This may provide them the ability to learn how best to secure the necessary compensation and benefits for their situations and needs.

Source: The Des Moines Register, "Is Iowa workers' comp out of control? What we found," Kevin Hardy and Brianne Pfannensteil, March 13, 2017