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What Are Workplace Psychological Injuries?

While most people in Iowa are aware of harassment and discrimination cases, workplace psychological injuries are not always as widely known. The Occupational Health and Safety Magazine reported that employers are as responsible to protect your psychological welfare as they are your physical safety, but it is important for workers to realize what exactly that means.

First, you should know that physical and psychological welfare can be very closely linked together. This means that, depending on the industry that you are in, an attempt to pursue a case involving one may lead to an assessment of risks of the other. Physical effects can also be caused by psychological injuries and are often the result of stress.

Beyond irritated and upset feelings, there are several types of symptoms you may have experienced that can be the result of stress. Physiological reactions often include muscle tensing, blood pressure fluctuations and sweating. If you tend to feel aggressive, withdrawn or avoidant, these can be behavioral reactions to stress.

It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that you are able to complete your job without undue stress. This means that you should not be given more assignments or responsibilities than you can reasonably complete. Your employer should also provide you with adequate support, information and equipment. If you need extra training to gain the skills to complete a task, your employer is in charge of arranging that education for you. Period risk assessment should be completed so your boss can gain an accurate picture about what the work environment is like. This information is not intended as legal advice.