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Top Reasons to Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous places to work. From ladder and scaffolding accidents to uncovered holes and falling objects, it is easy to get injured on the job. Imagine putting in a full day on Friday.

You are thirty minutes from quitting time and you are mentally going over your check list for the weekend family barbeque. You are looking forward to great food, good company and perfect weather. Unfortunately, that changed when you fell into a hole that someone had left uncovered and unmarked. Instead of firing up the grill, you will be spending the weekend in the hospital so that the doctors can set a few broken bones.

Not only will you miss out on some prime steaks, you will also have to miss several weeks of work. Due to an accident at work, you are now facing lost wages and high medical expenses. Since the injury happened while you were on the job, you might be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. However, filing for these benefits, or appealing a denial of benefits, can sometimes be very difficult. Many workers choose to enlist the help of attorney in the Council Bluffs area for help. Read further for the top reasons why you should consider hiring a workers' compensation attorney for help with your claim.

Meeting deadlines

One of the main reasons people receive a denial of benefits is because of missing reporting and filing deadlines. In Iowa, you have 90 days to notify your employer of an injury that occurred on the job site. There are also deadlines dictating the length of time you can receive benefits, how long you have to file an appeal and limitations on when you can request additional benefits. An experienced workers' compensation attorney will discuss these deadlines with you and ensure that you meet them in order to avoid an automatic denial.

Understanding benefits

Workers' compensation insurance includes many types of benefits. For example, there is general medical care, total disability and healing period benefits to name a few. Your attorney will help you determine which type of benefits you might be eligible to receive. Each category has specific requirements you will have to meet in order to satisfy eligibility requirements.

Fighting a denial

If the insurance company denies your claim for workers' compensation benefits, your attorney can help you file an appeal. You may have to provide evidence of the accident and your injuries and attend a hearing before the Iowa Workers' Compensation Commissioner. Your attorney will help you gather the appropriate evidence and represent you during the hearing.

If you have been injured in a work-related accident, you might be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Before starting the claim process, speak to personal injury attorney in the Council Bluffs area and get the advice you need.