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What Injuries Are Common Among Restaurant Workers?

If you are among the many Iowa residents who make a living working within the restaurant or food service industries, you probably have at least a general idea of the types of specific workplace hazards you face every time you clock in to work. Recognizing the unique occupational hazards you face will help you avoid accidents to some degree, and your employer, can do his or her part to enhance safety by ensuring you and your colleagues are properly trained and protected on the job.

According to QSR magazine, restaurant injuries are quite common. So much so, in fact, that about one in every 20 occupational injuries and illnesses around the world occur or develop in restaurant settings. Leading the list of the most common restaurant injuries are cuts, lacerations and punctures, which, as you might expect, can result from working with knives, slicers, glass and so on. Burns are the second-most common restaurant injury in America, with as many as one-third of all reported occupational burns happening in restaurant and food-service settings.

As a restaurant worker, you also run the risk of suffering strains or sprains, and your risk may amplify if you regularly carry heavy trays, boxes of supplies and so on. Relying on improper lifting practices may exacerbate your risk of suffering a back strain or other lifting-related injury. Finally, eye injuries are the fourth-most common injury affecting today’s restaurant workers. Grease and chemicals are common causes of restaurant eye injuries, and prompt treatment is necessary to minimize damage done to your eyes and vision.

The good news is, many restaurant-related injuries and illnesses are preventable. In fact, studies show that, for every $1 businesses invest in safety programs, they can save somewhere between $4 and $6. In injury or illness-related expenditures.

While this information about restaurant injuries is informative, it is not a replacement for legal advice.