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What Workplace Injuries Can You Face?

If workers in Iowa like you are the victim of an injury at your job, it could be possible for you to gain compensation for that injury as well. We at the Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., know that the time after an accident can be crucial to setting up your compensation case. We offer you information to help you along the way.

A possibly surprising fact is that even if you work at a desk or have a job that doesn't require heavy lifting or working with dangerous machinery, you can still be a victim of workplace injuries. Stress injuries, also known as repetitive motion injuries, are actually quite common and can happen to anyone who repeats the same action day in and day out. It affects desk workers, secretaries, baristas, call center attendants, and many more.

Of course, certain jobs also come with a more severe risk. Factory or plant jobs often come with crush risks, the possibility of exposure to toxins, or a chance for machinery accidents to occur. Respiratory injuries can be more common in industrial or construction jobs because of the poor air quality, though this can occur in any building with poor ventilation. Bodily harm can occur in any job, ranging from broken bones to lacerations, electrocution, or even amputation.

While dangers are present everywhere and injuries at the workplace can happen to anyone, certain jobs do hold record over others for some types of injury. Many more workplace injuries are eligible for compensation than you may think, though. To learn more about workplace compensation and see if your case potentially fits the bill for it, give our web site a look.