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Common Hazards Found in Many Workplaces

Workers in Iowa know that some jobs are more inherently dangerous than others. However, there are certain common workplace dangers that can be found almost universally, no matter how dangerous a person's job is said to be.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a list of different safety hazards that can be present at any work site. The most common ones include:

  • Unguarded machinery
  • Spills
  • Work done in high places
  • Confined spaces
  • Electric hazards

Many of the most common dangers in workplace environments are completely avoidable. For example, of the list above, all but confined spaces can be maintained safely through proper safety protocols being established and followed. Machinery can be guarded properly, spills can be cleaned up and warned for, and electrical hazards can be appropriately marked. Workers who work in high areas can also be given detailed information about how to avoid falling dangers, and can then follow that information to protect themselves.

Safetyline Loneworker includes ergonomic hazards, which can also occur to anyone at any time. This includes injuries brought on by poor posture, lifting improperly or too frequently, awkward or repetitive movements, poorly adjusted chairs or work stations, vibration, and having tasks that require the use of too much force. These are all injuries that someone could potentially suffer from if they're working in industries involving heavy labor. They can also occur even in office environments, especially with jobs where the worker is sitting in the same position most of the day.

These hazards differ wildly, but can both be very common in any type of working environment. This makes them even more important to treat and handle properly so as to minimize potential harm.