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Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

Most Iowans are familiar with the weightless feeling of clocking out of work for the day. Even if the day's shift was a stressful one, most employees find relief in the fact that they can leave the work at the door. Depending on the industry, some work situations prove more stressful than others, and can even have lasting repercussions. If an employee finds that a period of anxiety, depression or any other mental health issue has lasted long enough, seeking a solution with the help of a professional may be a wise choice. 

It is the norm for many Americans to grow up in households that place immense importance in hard work. An article in Forbes understands this sentiment, but points out that employers push mental health to the back-burner all too often. According to one study, nearly half of millennials identify themselves as "work martyrs." Vacation days are often frowned upon in the workplace, and as a result, fewer employees take time off to themselves.

Above all else, Forbes argues that employers should make the mental health of employees a top priority. Why? According to Forbes, the happier employees are, the better the work. Forbes also uses a study from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to add that depression costs roughly 200 million lost workdays in the country.

Psychology Today also lists reasons why employers should value the mental health of their teams, pulling from an American Psychological Association study to show that less than 50 percent of surveyed employees felt that their employers valued the well-being of workers. Many of those surveyed admitted that the lack of a raise or promotion had added to the stress. PT showcases the research of health experts, raising the point that employers who understand that employee well-being leads to better organizational performance generally see the most success. Work-life balance and stress management resources also fit under this mental health umbrella. While many disagree on the importance of mental health as a whole, employees deserve to have sound minds in a place in which they spend a large majority of their time.