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Workplace Hazards Posed to Truck Drivers

Truck driving may not seem like a hazardous industry, but it is actually one of the most dangerous workplaces for employees. Hazardous road conditions and crashes are not the only dangers that these workers face.

Truck drivers have a workplace fatality rate that is seven times higher than any other, and a non-fatal injury rate that is three times higher. With that in mind, these are some of the most common hazards that truck drivers face in the industry.

Fatigue and overexertion

There are strict rules and limitations about how long truck drivers can drive consecutively and the number of breaks they need in order to function properly on the road. However, some employers expect that drivers push the limits of these rules, which can cause fatigue in many drivers as well as overexertion.

Injuries due to loading and unloading cargo

When a truck driver opens their trailer door, there is a possibility that the truck's cargo will fall out and onto them. While driving, the load has a possibility of shifting around within the trailer. This can be dangerous as often the load is very heavy. Another injury related to this is strains from lifting the cargo out.

Slip and fall accidents

Truck drivers are in danger of slipping tripping and falling while on duty. Drivers need to drive in all weather conditions, and snow or rain could increase the potential of a slip and fall accident. These individuals also are privy to falling a distance off loading docks or out of their trailer.