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How Depression Impacts Your Body and Mind

Iowa residents who have suffered through a traumatic event such as an accident, the loss of a loved one, traumatic injury, or abuse may suffer from physical injury. They may also suffer from mental injuries, which can be just as traumatic. Depression is common among survivors, and it can have a deep impact on a person's life.

Medical News Today takes a look at the physical effects of depression on the body. Some issues include:

  • Insomnia or fatigue
  • Headaches or chronic pain
  • Weight gain, loss, or nausea
  • Inflammation and increased cardiovascular risks
  • Constipation or diarrhea

Some of these effects come from mental issues related to depression. For example, people with depression often suffer from a lack of motivation simply because nothing feels like it "matters". In lacking this motivation, some people fail to do basic self-care, which can result in extra health risks. In fact, one in five people with a coronary artery disease or heart failure also has depression.

WebMD discusses the cycle of physical and mental health and how both affect each other. Depressed individuals often have a lowered immunity. This makes it easier for them to catch illnesses. Being physically sick can make a person feel more depressed, and the cycle can be difficult to break. This is especially true when the depressive mental state is taking into consideration.

This can all feel like an uphill battle. At the very least, a person can consider seeking compensation for the incident that caused their depression. The money can be put toward treatment and wellness options so a person can get their life back on track.