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Keep Anxiety at Bay in the Office

Many Iowa residents may find it difficult to cope in their workplace when they have anxiety. There are ways people can manage their anxiety so they can get through every work day.

Some people may find it easier to manage their condition if they know their limits. According to, people might sometimes say "yes" whenever their supervisor asks if they can take on an additional task. If work is already overwhelming, though, taking on more work may not always be feasible, particularly if a supervisor asks someone to perform a new task. It is a good idea for people to know when taking on a new assignment might be one thing too many. People may want to ask questions about the task and their supervisor's expectations so they know whether they really can manage a new task on top of other assignments. Additionally, it can be beneficial for people to create good relationships with their colleagues. This may help them be more comfortable talking to their colleagues when problems arise.

It is also a good idea for people to develop good time management skills. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says it can be helpful for people to make a list of their work assignments so they can make sure they complete high-priority tasks first. It is also a good idea for people to make sure they have enough time to get each task done. Some people may want to set a deadline for different phases of a project so they do not have to worry about getting things done on time. People may also find it easier to manage their workplace anxiety if they organize their workspace and know where to find everything they need. 

Additionally, some people may find it helpful to create clear boundaries between their work life and their home life. Some people may want to make sure they do not bring work home with them, while others may decide they will only check their work email when they are at work.