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Does Your Profession Place You at Risk for Work-Related Cancer?

If you work in an Iowa environment that exposes you to radiation or certain types of chemicals, dusts or industrial processes, you may have valid concerns about whether your job places you at risk for work-related cancer. Science and many studies suggest a clear link between workplace factors such as these and several different forms of cancer, and while many companies have adopted safety measures and precautions over time to alleviate risks, some remain, and others are likely not yet identified.

According to, about 4 percent of all cases of cancer in the United States have ties to work environments and conditions. Furthermore, certain industries and professions place Americans at higher risk of developing particular kinds of cancers. For example, many manufacturing jobs have ties to certain types of cancer. Rubber manufacturing is among them, and it is associated with leukemia, and plastic manufacturing is another, as there is a known tie between the field and liver cancer.

If you make a living in a metalworking environment, know that this, too, may elevate your odds of receiving a work-related cancer diagnosis. Studies suggest a correlation between metalworking jobs and kidney and larynx cancer. Additionally, if you work in an environment where you undergo considerable sun exposure, or if you work as a chimney sweep, you may face an elevated risk of skin cancer.

While this information offers an overview of some common professions that place you at risk for cancer, this is not an exhaustive list and is not a replacement for legal advice.