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How Do You Treat a Crush Injury?

Iowa employees like you who frequently work with industrial machinery may be at risk for specific injuries. Crush injuries are common among those who work with heavy equipment, and there are certain ways these injuries should be treated to minimize damage.

Medline Plus describes how a crush injury should be treated in order to minimize how badly you will be affected.  There are several steps to this process. First, one should apply pressure if there's any bleeding caused by the compression. This will slow the bleeding down.

Next, you should apply a wet cloth or bandage to the crushed area. If it's possible, that area should be raised above your heart level. This can help reduce swelling and bruising, which can be a detrimental side effect of any crush injury. 

In the case of dealing with an injury to the spine or head, the person should be immobilized if possible. If the crush area is separate from the head or spine, it can still be moved as you try to alleviate pressure on it. However, if the spine or head were involved or if you suspect they were hurt, it's best not to move the person in question. Moving someone with damage to the spine or head can cause them more pain and suffering, as well as potentially permanent injury.

If you have suffered from a crush injury at work, you may want to speak with an attorney who specializes in matters involving workplace injuries. They can help you determine how to get the compensation you need to help pay your medical bills.