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How Might a Noisy Workplace Affect You Psychologically?

We have discussed the physical effects of workplace noise in previous posts on this blog. As you may expect, a loud environment can cause you to lose your hearing over time and have other detrimental effects, such as migraines and tinnitus. It is important to understand that Iowa workers might also be mentally affected by a noisy workplace.

The Houston Chronicle explains that extremely loud environments are not necessary to have a negative impact on people. Of course, industries that are known to be noisy, such as construction, metalwork, and mining, can be stressful emotionally as well as physically. However, a job with constant low background noise or frequent bursts of sound can be just as damaging to your mental health.

Take, for example, working in a busy coffee shop, bar or retail store, where loud music is often combined with customers talking over the music or even shouting. After a while, this noise pollution may cause you anxiety. Your productivity could also suffer if you are working in a noisy office – an environment that people typically associate with relative quiet, but which can be anything but peaceful. Gossiping co-workers, office machinery and the annoying radio station your manager loves to constantly play can all contribute to your stress.

It could be difficult to make a workers’ compensation claim based on the psychological effects of noise. However, health professionals acknowledge that stress and anxiety can affect workplace productivity and cause physical symptoms, such as high blood pressure and joint pain. You may be entitled to seek compensation, but you should not replace this information with the advice of an attorney.