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Traffic Hazards on the Job

People employed in a number of industries may face risks related to traffic collisions on a daily basis. For those who drive a taxi, semi truck or delivery truck, traffic hazards are encountered frequently. However, people who are employed in other industries face threats on the road as well. In this post, we will look into some of the traffic hazards that workers face.

Those whose job duties involve driving may become involved in a crash because of another driver’s negligence, whether they drive while intoxicated or display some other example of recklessness on the road. Weather can be very dangerous, especially when summer temperatures reach extremes or the winter brings ice and snow. Traffic congestion and drivers speeding in order to get to work on time or return home can also pose a threat and some workers may struggle with operating a vehicle they do not have much experience in.

A person who is asked to run errands or drive for some other reason may become involved in a crash because they are stressed out or not very familiar with driving in a particular area. There are many different reasons why the roads can be dangerous and some workers who are hurt in a traffic crash that takes place while working may be eligible to receive workers’ comp.

Following a work-related traffic accident or any other type of mishap on the job, an injured employee should do everything in their power to recover. Our injuries section goes over more topics that have to do with work-related traffic crashes.