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Workers’ Compensation and Varying Levels of Disability

Suffering an injury on the job can impact your personal and professional life in just about every area. Depending on the nature of your particular injuries, you may even have to take significant amounts of time off work to recover, or may even suffer long-term disability.

Workers' compensation claims seek to help cover the costs of work-related injuries, but the process of filing a strong claim takes a great deal of time and energy. Many victims of workplace accidents assume that they can simply spend their time pursuing the claim if they have to take time off work, anyway, but this is often much less successful than they hope. The process of recovery from an injury is often a full-time job in itself, leaving little or no time or energy for the victim to spend navigating a complex system with many opportunities for error.

If you suffer a work-related injury, your first concern should always be your own health. While someone else can help pursue your claim and represent your rights and best interests, only you have the ability to do the physical work of making a recovery. The other issues are certainly important, but your own health and the work that only you can do to improve it should remain your highest priority.

Temporary disability compensation

If your injury takes you away from work for more than a few hours or days, then you may qualify for temporary disability benefits through workers' compensation. These benefits supplement your lost income, but in most cases only provide a portion of it. The actual percentage of lost income that temporary disability claims receive varies from state to state and is subject to both minimum limits and maximum limits, so it is important to research your own circumstances carefully to understand what you should expect from a claim in relation to the income it costs you.

Permanent disability compensation

If your injury is so severe that you lose some function that affects your ability to earn permanently, then a workers' compensation claim may also provide permanent disability benefits. The size of permanent disability benefits varies depending on:

  • The functions you lost
  • Your age at the time of the injury
  • The occupation where you suffer the injury
  • Your earnings at the time of the injury

A strong claim that seeks complete compensation takes time to build and effort to pursue. Make sure that you have all the guidance and legal tools that you need to build your claim effectively and to seek the compensation that you deserve while preserving your rights.