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Back Injuries at Work Can Often Be Prevented

A back injury can bring your life to a grinding halt. It is important for workers to try to prevent them. There are steps that employees can take and there are some that fall on the employer. Working together can keep everyone in good shape.

Here are some points about back health and safety for you to remember if you are in a taxing job that puts strain on your back.

Proper posture is important

You have to practice proper posture all the time. Slouching when you sit, walk or stand can lead to back problems. Make sure your back is straight and your shoulders are square when you are working. This can help to prevent too much strain on the back that will lead to a backache or injury.

Use anti-fatigue mats

Employers should provide employees with anti-fatigue mats to reduce the pressure on the knees and back. While this might seem unimportant, it can improve posture and prevent backaches. There are other devices that employers can offer, including back braces and ergonomic furniture to assist in keeping the spine properly aligned.

Find alternative ways to do jobs

It is important to find alternative ways to do your job when your duties will put a strain on your back. This might include making sure you bend at the knees when lifting heavy items and devices to help you pick them up. Even having another person work with you can reduce the risk of a back injury.

Prepare for your job when you are off work

You should stretch and strengthen your back when you are off work. While this shouldn't be a requirement for your job, it can benefit you greatly because you are less likely to suffer from injuries to the back if you have stronger muscles in the area. Don't focus just on your back. Your abdominal muscles also have a part in how your back fares with even regular life movements.

Take all back pain seriously

Some back injuries at work start off as minor pain. Make sure you take this type of pain seriously. If you feel any soreness or obvious discomfort in this area, you should seek out medical care. In some cases, rest and pain relieving medication might suffice, but it is usually a good idea to make sure that there isn't something more serious going on.