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Can Workers’ Compensation Cover Me Away from Work?

If you get injured while at work doing your normal duties, you can rest assured that workers’ compensation should take care of your medical expenses and lost wages resulting from taking time off to recover. What if you are hurt off the clock or away from your workplace while performing a work-related task? Can workers’ compensation still help? Understandably, you and other Iowa residents will be interested in learning how this works.

According to FindLaw, numerous off-the-clock and offsite situations can be eligible for workers’ compensation. The qualifying factor is whether you were engaged in a work-related task, even after hours. For example, you might get workers’ compensation if your boss requests you stop by the office supply store on your way into work and you get in a car accident, or if you trip and twist your ankle while meeting for lunch with a potential client. On the other hand, an injury you sustain driving home from work or during your regular lunch break would not qualify for workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation may also apply if you are injured during a business trip or at a work-related function, such as the office holiday party, charity golf tournament or company picnic. These rules may give you peace of mind if you get hurt outside the scope of your usual business hours or job duties. However, since workers’ compensation can be a complex issue, this blog post is meant for educational purposes only and should not replace the advice of an attorney.