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What Is Arsenic Poisoning?

You usually do not expect to encounter arsenic while performing your job in Iowa. Sometimes, though, you may be exposed to this toxin at work. It is important to recognize the signs of arsenic poisoning so you can seek treatment.

According to Healthline, you may be exposed to arsenic during your job if you work near landfills or at an industrial plant or a mine. Sometimes you might also encounter this toxin if you work with tobacco products or wood products that have been treated with arsenic. This exposure might result in arsenic poisoning if you inhaled large amounts of this substance.

If you have arsenic poisoning, you may experience a wide variety of symptoms. You might have abdominal pain or muscle cramps, and sometimes you may also have diarrhea or tingling in your toes and fingers. While some of these symptoms may not last long, others may linger for a long period of time and may be most visible in your skin. You may notice that you have developed lesions or warts, and sometimes your skin may be swollen or red. Sometimes you may not realize that you have arsenic poisoning because the symptoms do not immediately appear. You may experience symptoms up to five years after your exposure to this toxin.

As soon as you suspect you have arsenic poisoning, it is important to see a doctor. Different tests can usually measure the arsenic levels in your body and determine whether you have this condition. Once a doctor confirms that you have arsenic poisoning, it is usually best if you can remove yourself from all possible contaminants.

This information is intended to educate. It should not be used in place of legal advice.