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Is Tinnitus a Psychological Issue?

Some work injuries can be complex. Since injuries due to your working conditions or that are otherwise related to your work duties in Iowa, you need to understand how your injury impacts you. Tinnitus may seem fairly simple on the surface, but as explained by Psychology Today, it is actually more complicated.

Tinnitus is a continuous sound in the ear. People often describe it as being a buzzing, ringing or another similar sound. A common cause for this condition is exposure to loud noise. Another cause is traumatic brain injury. Nothing makes it stop and there is no cure for it. The noise may be loud or soft. It may only be slightly noticeable or it may be a consistent annoyance. The condition often comes with hearing loss.

Many people can learn to live with tinnitus, but for others, it becomes debilitating. There is a link between the condition and psychological issues. For example, it may make it difficult for you to go to sleep, this resulting in insomnia. It also has links to depression and anxiety. It may also increase stress and therefore the likelihood of stress-related issues.

So, while tinnitus is not a psychological injury itself, it may lead to psychological injuries. It could prevent you from functioning normally on a daily basis and interfere with your ability to do your job not because of the actual symptoms of the condition but due to related conditions that form due to the tinnitus. This information is for education and is not legal advice.