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How Pain Prescriptions Hurt The Construction Industry

The nationwide opioid epidemic has stricken communities across all socioeconomic lines. It has hit rural, blue-collar towns especially hard. In the work world, the construction industry has the second-highest rate of pain medication and opioid misuse after the entertainment, recreation and food business.

Substance abuse is a costly problem for employers. Workers with substance abuse problems miss nearly 50 percent more work days than their peers. On the job, their productivity suffers and they are more susceptible to injury.

Recovery Pays Off

Workers who complete substance abuse rehabilitation programs and who manage to stay clean for 12 months miss fewer days of work than any group - even less than the general workforce.

It benefits employers to help employees who misuse pain medication or who have other substance abuse problems seek treatment. Workers should clearly understand that treatment for substance abuse problems can be covered through workers' compensation programs.

Our law firm has created a Slide Share presentation that includes some startling statistics and supports the idea of helping construction workers recover from abuse of opioids or other pain medicine.