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April 2019 Archives

Dealing with violent patients can hurt a nurse's body and career

One of the most common forms of injuries nurses experience on the job comes from the patients they are attempting to treat. Months ago, we reported how nearly 20 percent of nurses in the nation experience workplace violence at the hospitals. It unfortunately won't decrease very easily considering how unpredictable patients or their families can get in these stressful settings.

Warmer weather exposes faulty bridges

Many Iowans get excited once the snow finally melts in the spring months. Winter can last for a while in the state, so it feels refreshing to be finally able to drive with the windows down and not worry about 30-minute delays from excessive ice or snow.

Repeat offense drivers are frequent in Iowa

Despite the numerous safety warnings and PSAs shown in the state, motor vehicle accidents continue to happen at high rates. While there is an increased awareness of the problem at hand, many people still choose to ignore the warnings and contribute to the problem at hand.

Ways for nurses to reduce lifting risks

Despite focusing on saving lives, Iowa nurses have plenty of workplace hazards that can make them a patient at the hospital they operate that. There are numerous immediate obstacles such as uncooperative patients, slippery floors and sharp objects. However, the biggest threat to them isn't something that affects them right away.

How farmers should prepare for carcass disposal in the cold

Earlier this year, the Midwest endured the "Polar Vortex," where multiple states dealt with record breaking low temperatures that could give people frostbite within minutes. These temperatures were especially harsh towards farmers, who risked their lives and spent hours making sure that their animals were in a safe location and that they were getting enough food and water. Unfortunately, the cold was strong enough to take the lives of several humans and animals.

Other hazards for snow removal besides slipping

Those living in the Midwest know that the first day of spring doesn't mean there won't be any more snow or ice for the next few months. Last year, Minnesota and Iowa had an average of 15 inches drop on them during one weekend in the middle of April. The temperatures can change from 20 to 60 degrees in just one day around here.

How can truck drivers prevent windshield damage in cold weather?

Winter is one of the most common seasons for any vehicle to receive windshield damage. It could come from a crash after the driver failed to turn on the slush, or maybe they left some ice on there for too long and cracked it trying to get it off. It is arguably the most important season to have a clean and functional windshield for your personal safety, especially in a freezing state like Iowa.

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