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Repeat Offense Drivers Are Frequent in Iowa

Despite the numerous safety warnings and PSAs shown in the state, motor vehicle accidents continue to happen at high rates. While there is an increased awareness of the problem at hand, many people still choose to ignore the warnings and contribute to the problem at hand.

Unfortunately, many Iowa drivers that suffer the consequences of their behavior refuse to change. Recently, the insurance comparison website Insurify analyzed over 1.6 million auto insurance applications between 2016 to 2019 to determine which states had the most repeat offenders. They found Iowa to have the second highest rate only behind North Dakota. Knowing what many drivers in the Hawkeye state have been repeatedly guilty of can give you a good sense of who to look out for on the road.

Too Many Speeding Tickets

The most concerning find was that Iowa had the highest speeding rate in the nation. It looks even worse considering that Insurify determined that repeat speeding has the highest percentage out of repeat offense types. While they found most of those came from Polk County, Iowa has plenty of long road stretches that tempt drivers to speed that occur in rural areas. The lack of signs and visible cop cars around these parts can make it very tempting for motorists with lead feet.

Who's Been Drinking at Night?

Insurify found that the North lead the U.S. when it came to DUI re-offenders. They cited that their lower populations and dark winters contributed to the higher numbers. Iowa follows that trend by placing eighth on the list. Iowans need to understand that the lower population doesn't mean there will be a lack of cops, especially during the most dangerous driving conditions of the year.

There and Back Again

Iowa manages to make the top 10 once again by having the seventh highest rate of repeat suspended licenses. With how high it ranks with the other repeat driving crimes, it comes as no surprise that losing their licenses more than once happens quite often in our state.

Looking Out for Trouble

While most of these reckless motorists may never learn their lesson on the road, these statistics does make truck drivers and commuters more aware of the dangers on their drive. Keep an eye out for drivers that appear to be tailgating you, going far above the speed limit or have a hard time keeping their vehicle straight. If you spot a suspicious motorist, consider pulling to the side or maybe even a brief detour to avoid potential trouble.

Unfortunately, you can't control everything that happens on Iowa's streets. If a repeat offender ends up crashing into you despite your precautions, consider seeking out legal help to get compensation for your injury.