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Understand the Dangers of Lead Poisoning

Iowa residents may easily come into contact with toxic substances while they perform their jobs. One hazard people may encounter on the job is lead.

People may be more likely to encounter lead if they perform certain kinds of work. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people might be around lead if they are a construction worker or repair vehicles. This is because there may be lead in paint or in plastic pipes. Shipbuilders, police officers, and welders may also encounter lead as they do their jobs. Additionally, people who smelt or refine lead are often around this substance. People might sometimes experience inadvertent lead exposure. Artists, for example, may use materials that have lead as they create artwork.  

Exposure to lead can be hazardous because some people may develop lead poisoning. The Mayo Clinic says this substance can sometimes accumulate in a person's body and small amounts can greatly affect someone's health. People might experience damage to the nervous system or kidneys. Some people who have large amounts of lead in their body might also have seizures.

There are many indications that a person might have lead poisoning. People may experience abdominal pain or have high blood pressure. They may also have headaches or find it difficult to concentrate. Some people may find that their mood is unstable or that they have pain in their muscles or joints. Additionally, women who have lead poisoning may have a miscarriage during pregnancy. Some people may not initially realize that they have lead poisoning. This is because they may not always experience symptoms until a large amount of this substance is present in their bodies.