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How can truck drivers prevent windshield damage in cold weather?

Winter is one of the most common seasons for any vehicle to receive windshield damage. It could come from a crash after the driver failed to turn on the slush, or maybe they left some ice on there for too long and cracked it trying to get it off. It is arguably the most important season to have a clean and functional windshield for your personal safety, especially in a freezing state like Iowa.

What snowplow drivers should keep in mind going into the winter

Snow is beginning to fall in Iowa. While it might be less than in inch on some nights, it will not take long before the roads could get covered in feet of a wintry wonderland. To make sure thousands of drivers are able to manage in these conditions, the snowplow drivers have received their proper training at this point to be ready on a moment's notice.

Avoiding deer in the fall time

The sun is going down sooner, the weather is getting colder and soon we will be seeing the leaves change to signal that autumn is here. Even though studies show that summer is one of the most dangerous times of the year, fall has some exclusive hazards that were not as prevalent when it was warmer out. October will mark the beginning of deer mating season.

Crushing injuries can ruin a construction career

There are many serious injuries that can happen at a construction site. One of these catastrophic mishaps is a crushing injury, which can happen in several situations. It is imperative that construction workers and their employers take the time to establish and follow appropriate safety guidelines to prevent crushing injuries.

Did you lose a loved one in a fatal job-related accident?

The day started just like any other day. You and your husband drank coffee together before heading to work. The thing is, this day ended differently. Your husband didn't come home. He suffered a tragic accident where he was working, and doctors weren't able to save him.

Warning signs that job stress is affecting your heart

Most Council Bluffs workers know that they can get workers' compensation benefits if they suffer a job-related injury or illness. However, many do not realize that heart disease, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular illnesses may fall under the category of job-related, too.

Prevent repetitive strain injuries at an office job

Office workers are often tasked with using their minds rather than their muscles to carry out job responsibilities. However, most office workers still need to use their bodies -- particularly those who type, use computers, stuff envelopes or do other repetitive tasks around the workplace.

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