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Does hazing occur in the workplace?

When you run across hazing in the headlines, it usually involves incidents on college campuses. However, you and other Iowa residents may be interested to learn that hazing can also occur on the job, and it is more common than you might think. Workplace hazing can have devastating consequences for those who are targeted, including emotional and psychological trauma.

How might a noisy workplace affect you psychologically?

We have discussed the physical effects of workplace noise in previous posts on this blog. As you may expect, a loud environment can cause you to lose your hearing over time and have other detrimental effects, such as migraines and tinnitus. It is important to understand that Iowa workers might also be mentally affected by a noisy workplace.

The challenges faced by people with an “invisible” illness

Your workers’ compensation case may be a simple one if you slip and fall at work or are injured by faulty machinery and break your wrist or suffer a concussion. Physical injuries that can be seen or confirmed by bloodwork or an x-ray are usually easy to prove. However, as we at the Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., are aware, a workers’ compensation claim involving an invisible illness can be much more difficult for Iowa residents.

Bullying in the nursing industry is common

In previous posts, we explained the harmful physiological effects that can result from work-related anxiety and stress. Bullying is a major contributor to workplace emotional injuries. At the Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., we understand the disastrous long-term effects of bullying behavior among employees in Iowa, especially for those in the nursing profession.

Prioritizing mental health in the workplace

Most Iowans are familiar with the weightless feeling of clocking out of work for the day. Even if the day's shift was a stressful one, most employees find relief in the fact that they can leave the work at the door. Depending on the industry, some work situations prove more stressful than others, and can even have lasting repercussions. If an employee finds that a period of anxiety, depression or any other mental health issue has lasted long enough, seeking a solution with the help of a professional may be a wise choice. 

What are the signs of workplace emotional abuse?

As an Iowa worker, you know that your workplace is not idyllic. Not everyone gets along at all times. Sadly, you are lucky if you do not have to deal with at least one “bad apple” on a daily basis. But at what point do heedless, uncaring, demeaning words and/or actions on the part of one employee toward another rise to the level of emotional abuse?

PTSD can be disabling

Those who are injured in a workplace accident can suffer from physical injuries that change the rest of their lives. The traumatic nature of many worksite disasters has the potential to result in psychological injuries, as well. Iowa residents who are involved in serious accidents may find themselves dealing with the emotional repercussions long after their physical wounds have healed.

How can I manage my PTSD at work?

If you are an Iowa worker who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, you may worry that your PTSD symptoms could affect your job if they appear too often while you are at work. If you are a construction worker, your chances of this happening are greater than they are for people who work in less noisy occupations. Construction zones are notoriously noisy places that can make your life quite challenging when you have PTSD. Loud machinery mandates loud voices, and if one of your PTSD symptoms is general anxiety, this constant noise can cause you to overreact when an especially loud sudden noise occurs. such as a bursting water pipe, a shrieking table saw, a pounding nail gun or a sparking wire.

Are you working in a hostile work environment?

If you are an Iowa worker who hates your job, it may be because you believe you are working in a hostile work environment. However, does your less than ideal workplace situation really rise to the level of a legally defined hostile work environment, particularly if you feel you are the victim of workplace sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment may contribute to long-term emotional harm

From workplace bullying to threats of physical harm, there are some behaviors at work that you should never have to endure. Sexual harassment is one of the most prevalent forms of unlawful behavior that is unfortunately common and can result in a toxic work environment. Our team at the Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C., have spoken to numerous employees in Iowa who have been on the receiving end of sexual harassment at work, and we understand the repercussions that come from it.

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