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If you have been injured on the job, you have a right to receive workers' compensation benefits, including payment of your medical expenses and a portion of your average weekly wages. Unfortunately, many injured workers are not treated fairly by their employers or their workers' compensation insurance companies. They may be left too injured to work and unable to pay their medical bills and the costs of daily living.

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Our workers' compensation lawyer Laura Pattermann, along with her experienced team, protects the rights of injured workers, and she has done so for more than 20 years. No matter your occupation, whether you are a union worker or non-union worker, Law Offices of Gallner & Pattermann, P.C. is ready to help you get the workers' comp benefits you need and deserve.

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Our law firm has a long record of success obtaining benefits for injured workers. To arrange a free initial consultation with a skilled workers' compensation lawyer, call 712-323-0999. You can also contact our Council Bluffs law firm online.

What Does a Worker's Compensation Lawyer Do?

Ultimately, the goal of a Council Bluff's workers' compensation lawyer is to help the injured worker obtain the benefits they are entitled to after a work injury. Legal research to help back up claims when they are denied, going through a discovery process, and remaining current on new laws that may affect your claim are just some things that a lawyer can bring to the table when dealing with a troublesome workers' comp issue.

In some cases, the insurance company may try to claim that you had a pre-existing condition, so your injury is not work-related. An experienced workers' comp lawyer from our firm will work hard to help you prove otherwise. You may still be eligible for workers' compensation benefits with a pre-existing condition.

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your work injuries, please call us at 712-323-0999. You can also contact our law firm online.

Skilled Representation for Work Injuries in Iowa & Nebraska

Our workers' compensation attorney is highly experienced in all aspects of these cases, from handling issues before the Iowa Industrial Commissioner & Nebraska's Workers' Compensation Court to dealing with insurers to managing tensions between an injured worker and an employer.

We help clients with issues involving:

We represent workers, both union and non-union, who suffered on-the-job injuries as well as those who develop work-related medical conditions or occupational diseases.

Learn what workers' compensation should cover and why you may have trouble obtaining it without legal representation.

Following a workplace accident, you may need a medical procedure or diagnostic test, but your employer or the insurance company might be refusing to allow it. We may be able to help.

Depression is a common side effect of a traumatic injury or disabling condition. We will help you receive compensation for this very real, but hard to document, condition.

Exposure to airborne toxins and cancer-causing chemicals can lead to health problems that should be covered by workers' compensation.

It’s not unheard of for a valid workers’ comp claim to be denied. We can help you appeal a denied claim or engage in litigation with the insurance company.

When you’re counting on workers’ compensation to make important bill payments, a delay in your claim is frustrating and disruptive. Our lawyers can help you when this occurs.

An injury that impedes your ability to work could result in the loss of income that you were counting on. It is possible to have these lost wages compensated.

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